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Bloomberg is running as a Dem, even though he was mayor as a republican because he does not worry about the GOP working against his interests. He is worried that the Democrats might stop serving his interests. Here’s a quote from Ksama Sawant: ” a bigger priority for the Democratic Party establishment is to defeat the agenda of working people to really fight for the massive social change because the interests of ordinary working people and the interests of Wall Street are diametrically opposite.” If Bernie is nominated, that might change. So Bloomberg is running to make sure neither major party is an obstacle to him or his fellow billionaire’s economic goals. The DNC changed their rules to let Bloomberg into the debates because they like serving billionaires.



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Every move Bloomberg made as mayor was to the benefit of the rich and the detriment of the poor and working class. Now NYC rents are even more unlivable and streets are lined with closed storefronts while billionaires pay no taxes on their empty $100 million condos. Yes, it is if you want one thing you have to give up an other. You want that cake you can have it but you have to buy it or make it and buy the ingredients or spend a year growing the ingredients. The entire world revolves around giving one thing for an other.

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