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Well partly because Trudeau doesn’t have a damn thing to do with how each province runs its healthcare system, but as an Ontarian, I can definitely say that Doug Ford bad and this is at least exacerbated by his cuts and mismanagement of the Ontario healthcare system. Trudeau has more power over the response in Canada than Trump has over the response in the US by a significant amount. The federal government is far stronger in Canada than in the US, relative to the provincial/state ones.

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I think it’s because one says ‘there is a problem and we are doing x and y to fix it’ and the other says ‘there’s no problem…we’ll if there is it’s not because of me…it’s really not that big of a problem…I wish someone told us this was going to be a problem, but if it is people will need to figure it out themselves’. I think it all comes down to communication. Same deal with the UK. People have a hard-on for Canada but hate the US and UK and take any chance they can to shit on them.

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