Official Schrodingers Cat Math Shirt

Okay, I don’t have anything to say to help, but I’m commenting so this gets more attention from somebody who can. My friends and I have this thing called the “bus deal” where if life ever gets so bad we want to end it all, we’ll say screw it and just go somewhere new instead. Like, at that point how much worse can it get? (I know it can get worse but still, it’s a Hail Mary.) as someone who struggles with PTSD, bipolar 2, and is beat up from combat service for both the American and Irish militaries, my oh shit plan is to sell everything I own except the surfboards and instruments and go to some small island in either the Caribbean, Hawaii or Australia.

Official Schrodingers Cat Math Shirt


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She still plans to travel some once COVID dies down, but our relationship is much more stable now. We’ve even decided on a date for our wedding next summer. Perhaps one of the very few positive aspects of this pandemic (which I of course realize is a tragic and heartbreaking event) is that it gave me time to grow closer to the love of my life. I’m personally glad she stayed home because at that time we have only grown closer and fallen more in love. We are now engaged and moving to a new city in just a few weeks.