Official Rip Chadwick Boseman 1977 2020 Shirt

Try to restructure a lot of stories without him which would be challenging even for Marvel. This would also be a big loss since black audiences would be upset not seeing a black hero on screen alongside the rest of the cast. They could just revive Micheal B Jordan’s Killmonger character to take up the Black Panther mantle. He was a villain but his character was well-liked and had a lot of depth which could be perfect for a redemption arc to become Black Panther.

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Boseman (along with most of the principal cast) had already signed up to do voice work on a What If… series for Disney+. Production was slowed by the pandemic, but it’s possible his bit was already recorded. I wonder what’s going to happen to that. Dude, I can’t believe it. I was just watching him in SNL re-runs today on Black Jeopardy.

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