Official Real Pilots Don’t Need Runways Shirt

I’m a vegan (really hate that word) who feeds my dog (who is a mutt whom I rescued) meat for the same reason: it’s not healthy to do otherwise and I’m not going to take my dog’s life in some kind of twisted ethical calculus. Your GF is being zealous and needs some time to chill out. Eventually, she’ll see the error in her logic. I think this is another case of the Internet radicalizing people. I don’t advocate breaking up just yet: the only way back from a world in which is everyone is radicalized is to have healthy, productive conversations. Sit down and have an ethical debate. Hopefully, this time without the anger (on both sides).

There are many reasons why a relationship might not be compatible. You both feel differently on kids, one wants to move and travel while one can’t imagine being away from family. This seems to be incompatible with relationship expectations. Though I am curious why she waited 7 months to bring this up. and here’s the thing… she makes the human meat comparison but you can’t force an animal to think “ethically” like that. ask a cat or a dog if they would eat one of their own if it was crucial to their health. if they could talk, the answer would be fuck yes. they’re animals and they don’t have the same moral compass. it’s shitty to think that way. I won’t push my human values onto a pet that just wants to live a healthy and happy life.

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