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Wait, did she have the wedding already? Not really ruined, if it’s postponed because of covid.And why not just take that % dollar and buy a nice white dress at H&M or somewhere? I doubt the buyer on wish seemed good. Odd that wish said no, I’ve never had a problem with refunds. But that was years ago. Wish advertises some weird stuff to me and I can’t figure out what their algorithm is, I get ads for lamps that look like rats and what looked like a baby

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I use it a lot. I have low to no expectations but am often pleasantly surprised. Don’t believe the pictures, and read the reviews, it ain’t so bad if you know what you are getting into. What infuriates me is that sites like Buzzfeed encourage this. They ask people to submit stuff they bought off amazon etc and then they link to it. 98% of the time they are wearing blatant knock offs and you can tell it’s different from comparing the photos

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