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That’s a poignant observation. The prevailing opinions on Reddit are definitely more progressive/woke/authoritarian-left than the population as a whole. Reddit is a place where these people can flex their influence in a way that would backfire in the real world. Ironically the whole Reddit upvote/downvote system does exactly this so it shouldn’t be particularly surprising that the majority of its users support such a philosophy.

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Well, Glad someone else sees this. I see it because of how intolerantly people treated me because I have been openly gay since I was 12. Why the hell would I ever do the same thing back to them? It’s crazy. You can’t speak up against it either or you’re made out to be a homophobe or a racist or whatever. It’s the same about the religious people did in the ‘00s but now the liberals are doing it towards the racists or whoever.

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