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Average real GDP growth was roughly the same (2.6 percent) for the first 11 quarters under President Trump (ending September 2019) and for the last 11 quarters of the Obama administration. Income: During the last two years of the Obama administration, the annual median household income increased by $4,800. This is three times more than the $1,400 increase during the first two years of the Trump administration. Jesus, I usually just come to these for the dumpster fire of comments, because the political posts are almost always a massive gish gallop. But he really did just make a post and cite it with the complete opposite of what he said.

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Yes, but Trump’s effect on the economy was relatively small. I mean look at any graph from the Obama to Trump years and you couldn’t see anything change unless you remembered the dates.IMO Trump did in fact keep the boom going longer by Fed picks to increase employment but a huge deficit of a tax cut failed to stimulate businesses just seems like a bad way to be a Keynesian. Then the tariffs and a lot of the bluster IMO made job growth more muted because of increased uncertainty. Trump shot up the deficit so the job growth didn’t slow down seems true but there is a lot to disentangle.

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