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Vacationing outside of your immediate area during a pandemic is extremely selfish and careless. I’ve been witnessing confrontations all summer as a result and I can’t say I disagree. Maybe this is irrelevant, but your story reads more like a hostile tourist situation to me, however, I wasn’t there and don’t want to assume. Certainly not victim-blaming, but it seems like a lot of folks don’t realize how pissed off these small communities get when you guys invade our space, especially with covid running rampant.

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I also wonder if you experienced the effect of being trained/taught to be ‘color-blind’, in that it took you that long into talking to him to figure out it was about race and not a mask, and why so many are against teaching against it. If we are taught not to see color or race as an issue, we are also taught not to see how it impacts others. Just a thought.