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Not one county in the swing states of Florida or Michigan. Didn’t even win Washington. No massive youth turnout to be found. No massive change in the polls after their one-on-one debate. Meanwhile, Biden is turning out people beyond anything that was expected of him, he’s winning everywhere, and has barely spent a dollar. Accelerationism (“I’d rather vote for Trump and rebuild from the ashes”), other than the fact that it doesn’t work, is the most fucking privileged shit. “I’m going to vote for torn apart families because I won’t be affected and I didn’t get everything I wanted!” I’m closer to Biden policy-wise than a lot of you but he wasn’t my first choice either. Grow up.

Official Monkey Dj Technic Shirt

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I thought no election would top the weirdness from the 2016 election but holy fuck I was wrong. It’s been surreal seeing a Biden comeback in a matter of days, despite losing the first three states. Then comes COVID-19 ravaging the whole world and becoming a centerpiece of the election. I was so wrong, this is shaping up to be the strangest election of my lifetime. There’s no doubt that Sanders and his supporters have had a huge impact on the democratic party. Things are on the table now that would have been complete non-starters even six years ago. And I believe that a very progressive candidate will come forward in the future and become president, but the numbers just aren’t there this time.

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