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As a journalist, this type of shit is painfully lazy reporting and as you said, manipulation to sell a story. I know it’s nearly impossible to get rid of biases (don’t get me wrong — some sources manage to do so), but otherwise, you really can twist anything to create solely something meant to fit your/the outlet’s agenda. I don’t like Trump either, but with Obama people seem to leave out his record of “the most drone strikes”. Keep in mind many drone strikes are aimed at villages where they think a guy they want is hiding, these kill many innocent people including children.

Official Horror Character Halloween Shirt

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I like this post because there is definitely an element of truth to it. But let’s say we took all the photos of Trump and the Queen and Obama and the Queen (or Trump and Obama with any world leaders) and I am sure it is no contest. Trump is just an asshole and few leaders around the world like him. That isn’t fake news, that is just reality. So while one static photo may be misleading, the general idea is largely true. The second pic is of Obama and the Queen after they were told the first pic was going to be a thing.