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Where I work, I’m not afraid to tell them, “Ma’am/Sir, if you wouldn’t mind fixing your mask to cover your nose” and I mimic pulling it up. Most people are chill about it, some roll their eyes, and only one person so far has outright laughed and chuckled to himself the whole time he stood in line, but he fixed it. I am not afraid to tell people to follow the rules to keep my coworkers safe. If they don’t like it, they have mobile options or drive-thru. I actually told someone if it made them uncomfortable to wear a mask or they didn’t like it, we’d be happy to help them in the drive-thru.

Official Good Top Hot007 373 5963 Shirt


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Look at someone with you or pull out your phone and pretend to have a conversation with someone over how inappropriate it is, how disrespectful it is, how even children can wear a mask properly, etc. etc. They will start to look uncomfortable, and fix it. And if they glare at you, glare back or pretend not to notice.