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Socialistic reform is not a profitable option for the richest Americans. It’s off the table. So instead you have idiots drunk on Fox News becoming more radicalized by the inequity they experience looking for someone to blame. They’re taught not to blame the rich as they monopolized media and endorsed everything they experience. No, instead they blame random races or other marginalized groups for zero logical reasons. The goal of those minorities is simply to live happily, the goal of a fascist is to be the only survivor.

Official Defund The Media American Flag Shirt


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It’s actually a consequence of capitalism in our current regulation more than it is a reflection on the choices of citizens. 90% of the media is owned by 5 companies. It would be more, but anti-trust laws prevent further ownership for each of them. Only 40 years ago we had about 50 companies sharing that percentage of America’s media. Now thanks to neoliberalism that’s down to 5 companies. It’s essentially an oligopoly with no reasonable recourse.