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Exactly and the fact that it seems like his uncle was ready to beat a kid that isn’t even his own over something his OWN OLDER kid started is a much bigger problem than OP defending themselves. I can’t think of one rational fully grown adult male who’s first instinct is to beat a young barely teenage family member. I think it’s fair to say OP that your parents have definitely mentally shifted into thinking about you as a young man and less as a child. So in some ways, you should be proud they had a bad reaction.

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Yeah, she might not even have known until all this had already happened. It’s not something most people would be shouting from the rooftops about their 16-year-old. If the girl’s parents are super stressed about it they might be emotionally taking it out on the poor kid’s mom. Finding a balanced position in that situation would be almost impossible. My older brother hit a girl once at school because she punched him and said “what are you gonna do about it? Nothing because I’m a girl and you’re not allowed to hit a girl.

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