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I mean it’s pretty iffy to consider animals capable of making moral choices, to begin with. Quite a few carnivores might be able to digest plants to some extent, but it’s silly to expect cats not to hunt mice. Exterminating carnivores is technically a coherent standpoint if you view eating animals as inherently evil, but if your goal was to either save animal lives or preserve nature (not the same thing) then you’re putting the cart before the horse a bit. It’s all about control. She wants to grandstand about being vegan and stroke her ego.

Official ATGC Shirt

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I knew a guy who was all into PETA, he actually told me once he didn’t care about wildlife, just farm animals. I found out when we were arguing about the environment and he was all for its destruction. So if people stopped farming animals, I guess he’d be okay with them getting their habitats destroyed. He also at least talked shit about people with pets and I’d not be surprised if he wished them dead. Like, do you even actually animals at all? Seemed like it was all about superiority.

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