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My girlfriend is a bartender. One time while I’ll be visiting her one of her regulars started talking to me. Wouldn’t you get jealous?” I said “Hell no. All these horny men are paying for my Christmas presents I should be thanking them.” This is true the majority of the time, agreed. But the time the waiter handed my boyfriend the check and me his personal phone number, I don’t think he was looking for “tips”.  Anyone who thinks the server is hitting on them is just dumb and they aren’t on subs like this getting tips on life.

Official Activities Coordinator Shirt – VersionTee


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If you can’t afford to tip or aren’t planning to, then DON’T GO OUT. Simple as that. Also, don’t be an ass. Foodservice workers are people, and just like you, they make mistakes sometimes. If you are rude to your server or bartender or don’t tip. Every employee will know by the time you walk out the door. And they will remember you that way if you ever go back. So shit Sherlock. Next, you’re going to tell me that the gas peddle makes a cargo like a pro tip.

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