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Everyone already knows what’s going on. They just don’t care so long as someone in power pushes a racist, sexist, homophobic agenda on their behalf. Zero fucks are given for anything else. In other words, Americans gonna do American stuff, yo. On top of that, the older voters skew heavily to the conservative. While younger people vote liberal. But young people outnumber seniors heavily, so… if everyone was forced to cast a ballot, we’d most likely wipe the Republican party off the map along age lines.

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Over here, the senate decided to remove an innocent President with no proof, just for political reasons (they lost the election and out of spite impeached her for “financial crimes” – at the time over 70% of all state governors and at least 50% of all mayors, plus ALL former presidents, could then be impeached for doing the exact same thing, but no one got in trouble except for the current president, despite all involved agencies unequivocally affirming that she did no wrong doing). It was a sham trial and rightfully called a COUP.