Nice Where Is My Happy Face Shirt

I was on a vacation to the US and I went to Miami. Got there to a closed hotel, terrible weather, and miserable taxi drivers. I was alone and not enjoying the Miami experience. Anyway, I was walking down the street and there was this black guy (feels relevant) coming the other way. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and in a super chilled way, said ‘hehe yeaaaah’ as one night when finding something agreeable. This made my break into mild laughter, which set him off, which set me off. Within seconds of making eye contact, we were both laughing our arses off in the middle of the street.

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My boyfriend and I were walking down the street. He picked a wildflower from the wall and presented it to me. I was of course delighted with the gesture and kissed him. A woman in her car saw the whole interaction and beeped her horn and gave us a thumbs up. It was such a cute moment and I still think about her random support

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