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I haven’t seen any comments defending the character of the general; the concern seems to be that this was a ridiculous escalation that could very well lead to another middle-eastern war. Ther is the reason why Saudi Arabia wants Iran gone, they are the only other “power” in the region. That is also why they supported the invasion of Iraq. So we should follow Saudi Arabia, the country that has killed more Americans in 20 years than any other middle eastern country. 9/11 and Pensacola. It would sweet if we could just remove this moron from the office and send all his MAGA hat clowns to Iran to pick up garbage for a couple of weeks.

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For anyone who wants a better understanding of the historical differences between Iran and the West then please watch the linked documentary. It’s really in-depth and has some really good sources of information throughout. Meanwhile, the majority of Americans condemn the election of Donald Trump as US President as a ‘dangerous precedent’ while wagging their fingers at their television screens. There are a lot of cock-ups on both sides that have led to this moment. Including the CIA and mi6 taking out the only democratically elected leader Iran has ever had.

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