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Remember when he donated part of his salary to the National Park Services after slashing their funding to ribbons? It’s completely disingenuous for anyone to invoke him giving away his salary as altruistic when he is actively using the office for personal gain for him and his family. His daughter, also a White House staffer, was granted 18 trademarks with China, while on the government payroll. He never put his stocks into a blind trust and has crossed multiple ethical lines in regard to finance. Seeing his salary donation as anything more than pageantry is missing the forest for the trees.

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With that, I do not see the good of the majority of what Donnie does, but here is one thing, that I recently read about, that has positives. The regime has attempted to clean up toxic waste sites that are on a national registry by finding businesses to pay 80% of the cleanup. He has done more for this specific task, than the past 2 presidents. The unfortunate side of this is through those presidents.

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