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Doesn’t matter what you believe, always stand up for yourself and unjust b.s. that’s how it continues, yes I’ve been in situations with da popo, assaults on 5 times, still, stand. Little things like a burger or being rude start the bigger shit… Fuckin upgraded us extra, worked for it, for the waitress. Always report bad b.s. at places like that too, go as high up the latter as you can. FUCK injustice of any kind to and race.

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You have no idea if this was racially motivated or not. You claiming racism is good for no one. If I had to guess she probably recognized you guys were tourists and don’t like outsiders. This type of stuff happens all the time to me, a white guy when I visit the more rural spots of my state. They recognize that I’m not from around there and proceed to give me a hard time. Definitely inappropriate of you to assume racism, to me it seems as if you were the only one to bring race into the situation…