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Sitting at the division of drivers licensing a few years ago I remember the dude on the other side of the girl next to me was desperately trying to impress her by talking about how many hours a week he works. He was an obvious car fanatic because all the work he did was about cars and mechanics and car shows and competitions and a million other automotive things. For almost an hour all three of us sat there, him yammering on and on and not one time did she even glance up from her phone or nod or gesture or make any noise, clearly annoyed af. I don’t know which one of them I felt more sorry for.

Nice That’s Fine I’m Kamala Harris Shirt


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So, I work at a little malt shop in my town. Back when I was first starting, there was a cute group of people (Ages 13-14), a few boys, a few girls, waiting to order their food. The oldest guy got the attention of the group when it was their turn and went to order the group’s food. He proceeded to belittle my coworker, being super rude, and downright racist, and glancing back at the group. Because we were out of peach snowcone flavoring. Only one of the girls is giggling, and so are a few guys, but the rest look disturbed and upset. I gave him that ‘Your retarded’ look, and he finally relented, before giving the rest of their orders. They sat down in our little outside eating area, and suddenly one of the girls, with pretty green eyes, comes and hands me her number.