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Yeah, they COULD establish all of those things, but without a way to protect themselves what good would it really do? If you have a ton of resources but no way to defend them you’re just going to get taken over by a rival group. You’d have to be really lucky to have no rival group take notice of everything you’ve got. At least if they have bullets and guns they can hunt, fish, and forage for their food and water in the short term until they’ve built up the level of security they need to be able to establish things like agriculture. I mean, if they’re smart they probably set up camp near a water source at least.

Nice Teacup Christmas Movies And Chill Shirt


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All of Ant-Mans powers. In the 1st Ant-Man movie, Pym says that when you shrink you maintain your same weight. This is all fine and good, and it explains why he can still punch people until you realize that means Pym was carrying a 30-ton TANK in his pocket the entire movie. Like what the heck? And you can’t even say that it’s only the suit that maintains weight because in Endgame there’s a scene where Scott grows and then punches one of the Chitauri whales strait into the ground. I understand why they said it maintains weight, but just make them escape the building without a tank. It’s like they wanted there to be a plot hole. If anyone has an explanation for this, I would love to hear it.