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They get too much help from taxpayers’ money and they still think they deserve more. Even had a work colleague who was ex-homeless and he quit the job and got back on the streets because that’s what he wanted, This is an absurd generalization. I ran a homeless shelter and have done other work in other organizations that serve people in food poverty or insecure housing situations, and it is absolutely not true (and incredibly damaging) to suggest that people who are homeless in the UK have better lives than those who are not, or that it’s some kind of laziness that prevents them from Is all about the how much you want.

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The benefits system here is not fit for purpose and allows thousands of people to fall through the cracks when their housing situations could have been saved. There’s barely any help for people with drug addictions and the cuts over the last 10 years mean mental health services are practically non-existent in vast areas of the country, even for people in comfortable living situations. There’s a complex web of reasons people end up homeless and it requires a complex solution, which our current and past governments have not been willing to provide.

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