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It would be interesting if police could be offered a financial incentive to live in the same precinct where they worked. On the other hand, I can see why someone might choose to forgo that incentive and choose to protect their family by moving it away from higher crime areas or away from where they interact with crime suspects on possibly the worst day of their lives. I really recommend y’all see if your local council is meeting via Zoom for the interim – we sat in our borough’s meeting last night because why not and it was super enlightening and gave us lots to think about.

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This has been my issue with Baltimore as well. Everyone with high paying jobs flees to the counties to live and pay taxes there but still use up the roads, the police, the firefighters, the resources of the city and expect high standards. The city then invests only in places where the county people go during the day while Anne Arundel, Howard, Baltimore County all thrive. So he’s complaining about paying for wealthier communities than his own that gets him and those around him no benefits whatsoever while his community is underfunded.

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