Nice Snoopy and Charlie Brown Sorry I’m Late I Had To Walk My Dog Shirt

Was at this retro where there was this guy singing at the corner with his guitar. The retro was full but not a lot of people were paying attention to him. I was at the bar and was drumming along with what he was singing (Bon Jovi I remember). He saw that and asked me to join him on stage and asked if I played any instruments. I’m a pianist so he told me to use the keyboard beside him. We started playing Bon Jovi, GnR and even Aerosmith. By our second song the crowd really got into it and were singing along with us. People poured in from the streets and the owner said it was the busiest night in his 15 years.

Nice Snoopy and Charlie Brown Sorry I’m Late I Had To Walk My Dog Shirt 


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I worked for a long time at a small feed store that sold hay, grain, chicken feed, and products for large animals. One day a load of hay came in with a nest of very young sparrows. I collected them and put them in a box and was soaking kitten food and syringe feeding them. This happened multiple times every spring and I couldn’t let them suffer.

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