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My wife refused to tell my kids Santa was real. She explained some people do it out of tradition, and not to ruin it for other kids. When an older lady asked my 7-year-old son what he wanted Santa to bring him, he scoffed at her and said “Santa’s not real, that’s baby stuff” Eye roll, and everything. I actually laughed. My wife doesn’t lie about anything to our kids. Uh, this. I’m tired of having to play along with the lie. Society and family members force parents to comply. My son figured out Santa wasn’t real and I was relieved, but I told him that he’s on the other side now. He now has to keep up the charade for his younger cousins/siblings/friends.

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It’s easy to understand the training program to prepare kids for Christianity. It teaches them that there’s an omniscient entity that watches you at all times, keeping track of your good and bad behavior, for which you will either receive gifts for the former, or punishment for the latter. I’m pretty sure this was not entirely by design, but boy it sure does track. I am also fairly sure that on some level, Christians know this and realize how powerful a tool it is for ingraining their belief system in their children. By the time they are old enough to realize Santa isn’t real, they’ve already bought into God.