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My own opinion – doesn’t mean much…Without getting into the reasons behind the meeting of the Platinum plan, the main thing for me is the actions of the person who holds the authority to actually push progress. Actions speak louder than words. There is nothing about this current President that has shown activity on progress for 4 yrs. In Wayne’s defense his mother offered him up when he was just a child under god knows what circumstances – I want to believe people like him and cube are doing what they think is right – but going backward is also the path less traveled.

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Aa much as I think it’s absolutely ridiculous for anyone to support trump, especially it seems rich people who will save money on their taxes, let the man support who he wants to support. I might not like Trump, actually, I think he is the worst president and an even worse person, but I won’t tell someone who to support even though I can see right through what trump is. As a kid, I was a huge last Wayne fan. As time has gone on I realize how little control of his situation he had. As time has gone on and how he’s bad he’s been treated by the industry & people close to him(Birdman).

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