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There’s no help for regular folks. People scoff and say “You should have had 1-2 months’ worth of bill money saved up in savings in case of an emergency.” Yet corporations become on the bridge of bankruptcy over just a month of decreased profits and are bailed out without hesitation. Not to mention that even if you somehow did have 1-2 months of money saved, it’s been 8 fucking months. The money is GONE. The jobs are GONE. I’m scared for our collective future to recommend some Great Depression history reading. A lot of people living in the fields. If your parents still have a home you move in with them, unless they’re unsafe.

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There’s several tent city’s already established and growing a little each month since people started losing jobs in Madison, WI. It’s already happening. Yeah, I’ve read about those cropping up in several cities, I’ve been surprised not to see more of that where I live (the NYC metro area). But I think most people cant be thrown out of their homes yet so it’s probably just a matter of time. Same in my town. Cars are parking in parking lots at an abandoned store, sleeping in cars.

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