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As a white woman, I’ve been told my whole life to stand up for myself, that I’m equal and to demand it. And he’s been told, you’re brown, pick your battles. And it pisses me off that tonight he was right. That with everything that has happened recently, me complaining about a burger in a conservative area of the country, could escalate and isn’t worth it. That the hostess wasn’t rude to me because of a mask, but because I’m in an interracial relationship. That while it goes against my instinct to not say something when he mentioned Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

Nice Pack Your Shit #45 Sshirt


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The only part of this I find at all humorous is that we can be talking about a hostess being racist to him and I’m sitting there dumbly thinking she was being rude to me because of the mask until he points out that it’s because I’m in an interracial relationship, and how deep we were in that conversation when I realized edit: 1) to all of those asking how we know she wasn’t just rude all the time or having a bad day, it’s because she was nice to everyone but us. Nice to the guy in front ordering take out, nice to the guy behind me asking for a table.