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Yeah, the fact that it’s a competition choir changes a lot. By judging her. At the normal standards and not letting her in you have 1 unhappy student. More outwardly unhappy than most as it sounds like her disability makes it hard to express her feelings in a typical way but still 1 unhappy student. Had you lowered? The standards to let her you’re potentially upsetting the other students. ho were judged more harshly and didn’t make it?

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Obey The Choir Director Shirt

I think it’s important that she learns the lesson though. If she’s not a great singer, she’s not going to make it in an audition-only choir anywhere else, and should probably learn the reality sooner rather than later. Imagine if her being accepted to the chamber choir caused her to make up her mind about trying to pursue a vocal scholarship or trying to get into a prestigious music school.

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