Nice Never Underestimate An Old Man Who Plays Bingo Sunset Shirt

When I don’t react to something or seem too nonchalant, it doesn’t mean I don’t care. It means I’m more focused on fixing the problem. And if I can’t fix it, then I accept it for what it is and move on because what another real choice is there? Sure it may take some longer to reach that conclusion than others, but if something is out of your hands, it’s out of your hands. In the end, you can’t always control what happens in life, you CAN control how you react to it and what lessons you learn from it.

Nice Never Underestimate An Old Man Who Loves Giant Slalom Sunset Shirt

No matter how smart I may seem, I’m still dumb as a rock when it comes to dealing with people. I say the wrong thing a lot and have to backtrack and explain my thought process and the idea I was trying to convey. This can make me frustrated and shut down if you only focus on the first thing I said without allowing me to try and express myself coherently. It’s easier to miss the seat than you realize. These things don’t exactly have rifled barrels on them and they can sometimes just spring into multiple jets for no reason. And trying to pee with an erection takes some special maneuvering.

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