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I hope everyone understands that if trump wins again he will probably have the opportunity to nominate TWO more SCOTUS members. Meaning none of your progressive agendas will be passed for a whole generation. People need to learn how politics work. It’s manipulative, and I’m disheartened by how easy it is to fall victim to it. I consider myself quite smart, I’m university educated and I’m generally quite knowledgeable. Yet, here I am, having now been conditioned on this website to see or not see what certain people want me to see or not see. It’s in favor of the person I support, but it’s still a problem.

Nice Never Mind The Witch Beware Of The Bull Terrier Halloween Shirt


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As a Bernie supporter, I plan to proudly vote for Biden in the general (assuming he ends up being the candidate, which all signs now suggest). He’s demonstrated that he can mobilize and inspire voter turnout. He is also the most suited candidate to help us out of the Covid-19 mess, and bail us out of the upcoming recession. If this whole COVID-19 thing weren’t happening now, I’d probably like to see more debates, more votes, more primaries, more of Bernie bringing Biden more left. But right now, I can’t advocate for people going out to vote in large numbers right now, especially when polling places are largely volunteered by elderly people, who are the most vulnerable right now. And I can’t advocate for grassroots people who are potentially out of work to keep donating to a candidate who has what appears to be a near-impossible path to the nomination.

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