Nice Mickey Mouse Style Horror Character Halloween Shirt

There is one scene that I think qualifies as a jump scare: after Paul discovers Annie’s scrapbook and gets a knife from the kitchen which he hides under his mattress, Annie comes home and he falls asleep. Shortly after. It’s storming outside and Paul awakens and looks up next to him. A bolt of lightning flashes as. Annie is shown standing next to him looking down sinisterly with a syringe in her hand. It gets me every time! The one film that eerily mimicked my imagination when reading the book. Everything, from the set to the actors.

Mickey Mouse Style Horror Character Halloween Shirt

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Technically there’s a few but all very, very cleverly used, and usually after something extremely intense. Like when he jumps from the backseat after Annie notices the windows are all fogged up. I think the scene where he jumps out of the closet to stab Bob is also a jump scare, technically. I don’t think there are any jumpscares that rely on the score to make you jump.

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