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No, his tax returns are private. The fact that the NY states and Congress have to sue to obtain them and Donnie kept fighting it to the Supreme every single time. The case is still pending despite numerous losses shows that no one has access to it until it was leaked to the NY Times and they don’t make it public for fear of compromising the source. Also, Donnie said he’s gonna release his tax returns after the audit. We don’t know if there’s an audit after 4 years… And the IRS said there’s nothing stopping him from releasing it. It’s all bullshit… He knows he’s gonna prison if it’s released for tax evasion. Just like Cohen did.

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He did release his tax returns. NYT ran an article about it. It’s been intentionally misquoted as saying he paid $750 when in reality he paid millions the year before and instead of getting a refund back, applied it overage to the following year. Reading comprehension is so difficult for those who only want headlines. It would definitely reduce the amount of 70+ elders at top government positions. Realistically though, the parties would just sponsor young buff kungfu wizard candidates for the duels and the same old creepy old farts would act as “advisors” and keep running things behind the scenes like they always have.