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My flight to London was terrible. I was convinced I would never smell anyone as foul as the guy next to me on the plane. Then I got to my hotel. Every guest smells like urine mixed with body odor and stale beer. It’s like I’m staying at a homeless shelter. Worst. Vacation. Ever.” Homelessness in the UK they live a better life than you My father been homeless for 7 years in London(by his choice) he is a gambler who likes to spend every penny on casinos, Betfred, etc, He is been staying in a nice hotel from the first lockdown  April till late October.

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He told me they give them 3 meals a day, pocket money, phones, and even cigarettes, plus benefits money monthly left because they found him accommodation (1 bed flat in London) but he refused because he couldn’t comprehend he had to pay the bills from the monthly benefits they give him. My point is not every homeless is helpless or need help They just like the lifestyle of not having to spend money from the pocket and no responsibility do not feel bad for them, I was homeless when I came 6 years ago in London because no money and I managed in 1 month.

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