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I learned college calculus (differentials and integrals) all on software called Mathematica. It’s a scientific notebook that will do the math for you in command style. (Eg. Find differential of (4x)— D[4x], voila you got the differential in a second same for literally any other mathematical question. ) I always wonder how would I do calc without it in my pocket. I think with the improvements in fact-checking and the ease of access to information it will make a traditional formal education obsolete.

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I knew a dude from the ska and punk rock music scene known as Calculator Boy. I ended up working with him at one point too at a fruit stand in Baton Rouge. He carried one of the big Texas Instruments calculators in his pocket. I asked him about it once and he said he would use it for school and it eventually became like leaving the house with your watch or keys. He said he felt naked without it. Doesn’t really have anything to do with the meaning behind the OP’s post, just sparked a memory.

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