Nice Keep Calm Or I Will Bolus The Propofol Shirt

Somewhere down the line, there’s some sort of abuse somewhere. There are ethical producers, for sure, but their products are shipped worldwide by unethical distributors and shelved by unethical wholesalers. Or maybe you buy directly from the seller, it’s still getting handled by FedEx or UPS, who are polluting like crazy. Or maybe you’re only buying from someone who ethically assembled the materials into a final product, but the materials were originally sourced/created unethically. There are so many variables, and production chains are impossible to keep clean. And maybe we’re just being overly negative, maybe there truly are 100% ethical products out there. But to the average person, those goods just aren’t available. You can be conscious of it like we try to be, but ultimately sometimes you just have to choose the lesser of the two evils.

Nice Keep Calm Or I Will Bolus The Propofol Shirt


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The average person doesn’t have the luxury of deciding, either. That’s not something that’s lost on me. The average American probably wants to do more, but they just can’t afford to. Until something drastic changes, likely in the way of more government regulation, there’s just not much the average person can realistically do to make a change. I remember seeing ads for chocolate diamonds. Do you know what chocolate diamonds used to be? The waste. An impure diamond that wasn’t considered fit for sale, until some evil genius at Kay HQ figured out that women are stereotyped as loving chocolate, so all they had to do was rebrand the garbage diamond as a “chocolate diamond” and jack that price way up.

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