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From the article in the Intercept: “[S]he [Reade] said, that matched what had happened to Flores — plus, she had filed a contemporaneous complaint, and there were witnesses, so she considered the allegation bulletproof. “ Okay, so there is a complaint somewhere. Why didn’t the Intercept’s enterprising reporter dig it out before writing this story? This is a story about how Time’s Up is supposedly in the bag for Biden, but it’s based on an underlying story about Biden’s behavior that is apparently documented and was witnessed.

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In an “update” to its story, the Intercept identifies Reade’s mother and brother and a friend as being the ones to whom Reade told her story. The friend “recalled hearing about it at the time,” without going into what it was. Reade’s mother is deceased and her brother says that he discouraged his sister from reporting the incident at the time. It’s not clear if the incident Reade is now relating is the same incident she related at the time, and there is apparently some question about her changing the incident.