Nice Jack Skellington Hug Oogie Boogie Shirt

Yo, teenage led bike rides to Nice Jack Skellington Hug Oogie Boogie Shirt school. Help kids get comfortable on bikes as a way to help reduce carbon footprints. Give the teens whatever incentive they need to help out. It would be cool. Try a local pilot at a school near you. The only issue is liability lol. So, on second thought… Yea, I think we need to rethink education and the way we can reinforce fundamentals by having these different age groups in a learning environment where the older kids can help and pass on knowledge to the younger kids. But government leadership isn’t innovative these days lol. My neighbor just got a job bussing special needs kids. He is literally one of the nicest and wholesome people. He was a kindergarten teacher in Mexico for over a decade before moving here. I can honestly see why because he loves life and people. It would be hard to find a better neighbor.

 Nice Jack Skellington Hug Oogie Boogie Shirt

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