Nice It Will Be A Great Day When Our Schools Shirt

Protect the workers, protect families! They could’ve already been sending us checks. They could’ve already protected our income. Instead, they insisted on tying together corporation relief and human being relief so they can justify slamming hundreds of billions of dollars into the pockets of CEOs and executives. If either party gave a fuck about average Americans they wouldn’t have combined relief for human beings in the same bill as bailouts for the unethical shitty companies that, frankly, deserve to go bankrupt.

I for one was happy to see that unemployment benefits were extended to the self-employed and gig economy workers. My wife is a hairstylist and this self-employed so she doesn’t qualify for any unemployment benefits. I get it, it makes sense in a normal economy. She sets her own schedule and could technically game the system by filing for benefits if she gets slow. But these aren’t normal times and I’m glad she and the millions of others who are self-employed or independent contractors are getting benefits. Oh man, either Trump signs this bill into law and his voters never find out about ban on the Trump family getting money, or that part embarrasses him and he does not sign it and go on repeating new stuff conspiracy theorist bloggers will write about the bill.

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