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That’s a tough call for someone like me since I’ve worked in the student loan collections industry for the past 15 years but I also have $65k in student loans. Currently, I work for a guarantor with 500 other people and we’d all likely lose our jobs. And I imagine I’m in the minority at my employer and most don’t have student loans so they’d only be losing in this scenario. Millions will benefit by losing the debt while thousands would be hurt by incurring more debt by being jobless. I think a compromise would be to forgive up to $50k in student loans per person…..but I’m sure someone with $150k in loans would disagree.

Nice In November We Wear Blue Diabetes Awareness Shirt


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Idk how to feel about this issue honestly. On one hand, the cost of college is at a criminal level, and is deeply predatory, and needs to be fixed. But on the other hand, everyone knows this and willingly took on that debt anyway. College definitely doesn’t need to cost this much, but I’m not sure that it’s fair to cancel the debt of those who signed up for it. I personally avoided college for this reason, and I live comfortably. I definitely see the value in higher education and it should be reasonably affordable to attain. Idk for real. Maybe someone could give me a different perspective to check out.