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Talk about forgetting where you can from. Sure Lil Wayne is rich now. But he wasn’t born rich at one point in time he was a struggling average American with limited means. It’s interesting how money makes you forget where you can from real quick, doesn’t it. To all you good, sensible people over there in the USA: Ignore the polls. Please folks; VOTE! Your children’s future is at stake, your democracy is at stake, your law and order are at stake, your checks and balances are at stake, your nation’s and its people’s decency and morals are at stake. And you owe the rest of the world a Trump-free white house!

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I’m curious, does a strong majority of American people hate Trump? I’m from Australia so I don’t really know much but most of the time when browsing on Reddit and you come across a Trump post, I mainly see hate or if anybody supports him then they’re doing something wrong.- trump isn’t a white supremacist that’s nonsense. He’s condemned them a thousand times in 4 years it’s hilarious 2- America is a free country you are allowed to have your own opinion, apparently not if you are against the democrats which are hilarious.

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