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Ah, the old ‘banning-freedom-in-the-name-of freedom’ line. In all seriousness though I think this is a really interesting and difficult subject to discuss. Sam Harris did a really good interview with a female ex-Muslim anti-hijab activist about this very issue. At the time they were discussing the burkini bans in France. And I think most Germans share your view on this. This law stems from the fear that girls being forced to wear niqabs or burkas is in direct conflict with the individual freedoms that are guaranteed in the German constitution.

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My problem is how effective is this law going to be? Say a 16 yr old girl is forced to wear a burqa by her parents. How are you going to handle the punishment? The article doesn’t say but it makes me extremely wary of these kinds of laws. It’s like the laws that ban the distribution of child porn are also used to arrest teenagers who send each other pictures of themselves. Children shouldn’t wear burqas, but stopping that isn’t as simple as saying children can no longer wear burqas.

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