Nice I Being A Nu Skin Girl Shirt

That means that in a typical day to and from work (40 minutes), I generally hit 10 green lights; averaging 30 seconds each, I save a grand total of 300 seconds, or 5 minutes, driving through green lights that would otherwise be red. If I were to take this deal, then over the course of a workweek that’s 25 minutes lost to red lights that would’ve otherwise been green. I probably do about as much non-work-related driving as I do work-related in a given week, so that’s another 25 minutes lost to red lights. Just to make the math easy, I’m going to round the total up from 50 to 60 minutes – in a typical week, I would lose 1 hour of time to this deal, sitting at red lights.

There is no escape from the paranoia…what else are they controlling? Ads on TV? The elevator at work? The queue in McDonald’s??!!! Why give me so much money? What’s their real goal? Am I a human experiment? Is my every move being recorded? I need to escape from these thoughts, but every time I leave the house I’m stalled at every light, just idling in heavy traffic with my own intrusive thoughts. Best just to stay in the house. But I know they’re waiting for me. No, if someone was able to control traffic lights like that then they must be following me 24/7 and they must be powerful enough to control the cities traffic. What’s to say they’ll stop at controlling traffic lights. They’re always around hiding in the shadows, but ever-present and every time I stop at the traffic lights I’ll feel their presence again and again.

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