Nice Horror Movies All Monsters Are Human Shirt

And look, I’m a pretty down-to-earth guy; I try not to be an intellectual snob. In fact, I absolutely hate going to science conferences because of all the intellectual snobbery that can take place. Now, I know I’m not the next Einstein, in fact, quite the opposite, I suffer from some massive imposter syndrome at work because of being around people that are so much smarter than me. I just abhor willfully ignorant people with complete blinders for critical thought and accepting new information, which unfortunately is a solid majority of the world population.

Nice Horror Movies All Monsters Are Human Shirt


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The canceled cell phone conspiracy is dumb as hell. First of all, who the hell cancels their cell phone on their deathbed? After someone dies, it takes a few weeks at a minimum for family members to get their affairs in order and canceling the cellphone of a dead family member is generally low priority and a difficult pain in the ass as you need to wait for the death certificate and send it over to the cell phone company (otherwise any rando could call up, pretend to be a family member, claim you died and cancel your cell phone as a prank).

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