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The homeless man from Groundhog Day. No matter what Bill Murray’s character did to save him, he would always end up dying by days end. When I first saw the movie I had recently been through the passing of my grandmother and as the homeless man, there was nothing I could have done to save her. Her arc of discovering what it truly meant to be human was so amazing to watch and the fact that it was in her last stand that she figured it out just made me so happy and sad at the same time. No matter how many times I watch the show I end up in hysteric tears at her death.

Nice Happy Llamaween Halloween Shirt


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It’s Fine I’m Fine Everythings Fine Shirt

The realization that he was on the way out hit me hard too. I pretty much knew it was coming before I saw it, and weirdly the moment itself didn’t have much effect on me; I guess I was done grieving. Bing-bong from Inside Out. The movie spends so much time on his story just talking about how much he loves Riley and how excited he is to see her again. And then when it came down to it, he let himself cease to exist in order for her to be happy again. I was 17 when that movie came out and watching him fade away makes me cry every time.