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For anyone interested in Mars colonization this series is a must-read. It proved a gripping story of how mars colonization could likely play out using light sci-fi/ plausible technology. The irony of that title. Lol. Musk saying SpaceX will set some legal precedent on Mars is a bit audacious, but others saying that he has no right is equally audacious. Whoever gets there first and establishes a self-sufficient community will be the ones to make the laws. SpaceX is kind of leading that show atm, so it’s a remark that should be taken with some weight. I’d wager it’s going to be a complex legal issue when the time finally comes

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Three primary concerns emerge from this picture. First, non-appropriation is cardinal for a reason – if breached, international peace and security in space hangs in the balance. Second, even signaling the implementation of a provision so contrary to US obligations without censure risks the international rule of law. Finally, and most pragmatically, American vulnerability to future claims by other states should concern American citizens; it is their money, their national reputation on the line. Crucially, SpaceX is not an international actor. It is an American company subject to US law and continuing

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