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You would take this as racist if you actually spent as much time reading her actually Twitter post and comments as crafting your response above. Racism has been ended, folks! Pack your bags, no need to burn any more mom and pop shops down, they fired the man who carved watermelon racist is so stupid. Watermelons are for black people… for some reason, even though my lily-white family spends every summer hunting down the best local growers and obsessing about the quality of watermelon seeds trying to grow their own in their gardens, and have for as long as I can remember.

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Yeah. Sure. it’s totally not racist to carve three pumpkins for one white guy and two racists, bigoted domestic terrorists, but using a fucking watermelon for the one is up with people posting stupid inflammatory shit like this to their fucking social media pages. I mean, yeah I don’t expect people that do this shit to be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but have these morans not been paying attention to other people being fired for shit like this? If you must post racist content, do it on an anonymous forum like Reddit! Or you know, just don’t post racist content.

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