Nice Goats I Love My Kids Shirt

As a kid, we used to swim in a pond that was mud at the bottom with areas you knew to avoid due to the leeches and that we would occasionally have to evacuate for a while so my uncle could kill the snapping turtle that had come  Now my aunt has an above ground pool 50’ from that pond and my spoiled niece & nephew & cousins have no idea what it’s like to sink your toes down into that muck. And adult me would avoid that like the plague. I always wanted to grow up faster so I could steal some of my mom’s really pretty heels. I thought they looked like the prettiest, classiest things and couldn’t wait to wear some. Oh, my God, the first time I wore a pair, I about wrecked my knee and twisted my ankle. Nevermind the absolute agony my heels were in by the end of the day. Fuck that noise.


Nice Good Trouble John Lewis T-Shirt

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Official Apollo 51 1969-2020 Moon Landing 51st Anniversary Shirt
Official Real Men Like Big Booty Bitches Shirt

Studies are finding more and more data to support the idea that the bacteria makeup in your gut is way more important than previously thought. The gut is often referred to as the “second brain”. Eating a lot of junk food and garbage can certainly contribute to mental illness. My dad brought home lobsters one time. As a kid, it was a magical day. We selected the lobsters, brought them home, and got to play with the forbidden creatures from the grocery store for a while on the kitchen floor. Then, we were sent out back, because it was the 90’s and that’s what happened as a kid, and when we came back, dinner was ready.

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